Our Values

We feel very passionately about the environment and the people who make your clothes and we want to do whatever we can to reduce our impact. We also want to help educate people in the principles of the slow fashion movement. 

These are the key values we're committed to:

Ethical Production

Our manufacturer operates a Social Accountability System which complies with the requirements of the Social Accountability Standard SA 8000:2014 and has been certified since 2017. The issuing body, BSI is an international certifying body and was the first ever member of ISO. SA8000 requires social accountability through the entire supply chain as a prerequisite for certification so we feel confident there is a consistent approach to the pay and conditions of all people who are involved in making your clothes.

Plastic Free Shipping

Our samples and production, are shipped in eco bags which are made from corn starch and are recyclable. We take every possible opportunity to eliminate plastic from our development and production phases. Our manufacturers are advised upfront of the need to ship plastic-free samples and production and one of them even sends their samples in a fabric bag!

We will continue our pursuit to reduce the presence of plastic in our world.

Sustainable Fabrics

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we only use fabrics that are sustainable and/or made from a circular production process, meaning there is little to no waste.

Our manufacturer has been inspected and assessed according to the
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version 5.0 and has a current certificate of compliance. In addition we are constantly checking in to ensure any fabrics that are sourced and selection are natural, grown and processed sustainably and can be returned to the earth at the conclusion of their life.

Details of each fabric used is contained within the product section. This season we have chosen to use the following sustainable fabrics:Linen; Hemp; Cotton; Lyocell 

Supporting Community

We believe that all businesses have a broader responsibility to help and support the communities that connect us all. 
We are proud to have joined the i=change movement which enables us to select and give back to causes close to our heart with every purchase.

We believe the education and empowerment of women can change the world.

You can help us achieve this vision by selecting a charity for us to donate to at checkout.

We are also proud partners of the Australian organisation Thread Together, which uses new clothing to give people a fresh start in life.