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Janika Rebrand

I wanted to write a personal note to let you know of some changes in my brand and offering.

I've been working very hard over the last 18 months to bring my brand into alignment with my personal values. I believe that business should be an authentic connection and for me, that means I want to consciously take care of the people who produce my products as well as the environment, which is often adversely impacted by clothing production. It's not to say the charley vella brand didn't have these values, it's just that there was no certification to prove it. So with this new commitment, I'm happy to say that I've moved to manufacturers who are ethically certified and offer certified sustainable yarns, as well as offering the same or better quality production.

As part of the process, I felt a rebrand was in order to move forward with a fresh concept and brand name that I felt more connection with and could nurture and grow with.

In order to find that name I went back to the beginning

I went way back to a place and a feeling...

On a trip to India 20 years ago, I sang songs on a rickety bus with a 3-year-old Indian girl (and her Dad) named Janika.

Although I had no business at the time, I decided (and journaled in my travel diary!) that I would name my brand after her. Fast forward 10 years and I ended up deciding on a different name when I started my brand. Maybe I wasn't quite ready for Janika then? Not ready for her strength and vulnerability, her undeniable feminine energy.

Having reconnected with this experience and looking at where I'm at in my life now, both personal and business, I realise why it's so important to change my brand name to Janika.

Janika is the traveller and the girl inside all of us. She is open to life and has a sense of fun. She lives consciously and is aware of her feminine power. Yes! This is Janika!

Ethical & Sustainable

I once read a saying, "Do the best you can until you know better, then do better".

I believe strongly that joining the ethical, sustainable fashion movement is raising the bar for the industry and has a positive impact on so many people's lives and the planet.

I want to do everything I can do better in this industry (and this life!) and if you feel the same, I'd love to have you onboard for the exciting journey.

Let me summarise where we're heading with our SLOW FASHION BRAND, Janika:

I want our customers to love their purchases and wear them over and over again (until the garment dies and can then be recycled) I want to minimise our impact on the earth in the following ways:

  • selecting sustainable, circular yarn production
  • investing in ethical production practices that pay a living wage
  • choosing 100% plastic-free packaging
  • designing small, conscious collections, thereby limiting oversupply and waste
  • actively supporting community initiatives that help the world to be a better place

There is a lot more to be done and we also have a list of items that need action to progress our sustainable agenda. These include:

  • carbon neutral shipping
  • chemical free dyes (currently we use low chemical dyes)
  • end of life garment composting
  • repair and reuse initiatives

With your support we can help make the world of clothing a better, cleaner place. Are you on board with the Slow Fashion Movement?