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We believe that all businesses have a broader responsibility to help and support the communities that connect us all.
We are proud to have joined the i=change movement which enables us to select and give back to causes close to our heart with every purchase.

We believe the education and empowerment of women can change the world.

You can help us achieve this vision by selecting a charity for us to donate to at checkout.



Ethical Production

We currently manufacture in small factories in Indonesia where we can see the work being carried out and know the workers are treated well and receive a fair wage. The factory owners are kind people and treat their workers with respect and that matters to us. We are currently looking into bringing some of our manufacturing back home to Australia and hope to have some Aussie made styles to offer next year.

Environmental Considerations

Did you know that at charley vella we don't ship any of our stock in individually wrapped plastic? Instead we line our boxes with large pieces of plastic which are then reused in our warehouse. Over the years we have saved 10s of thousands of plastic sleeves entering the world and we are very proud of this. We will continue to find ways to reduce waste and use recycled products where possible.

Our wholesale orders are placed into sleeves made from vegetable products and we can fit up to 10 items in one sleeve, depending on the size of the garment. The orders are then placed into recycled satchels for delivery.

We use a similar approach with our online orders. Rather than create more waste with calico bags, we simply wrap our orders in recycled paper and attach a hand-written postcard (which is recyclable). We know our customers are practical people and appreciate the heartfelt simplicity of this approach.

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