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Follow Your Bliss

April 16 2018 – Rachael Levey

charley vella blog

charley vella blog

As some of you may know, the charley vella website has been redirected to the Fresh Fox Boutique for some time now. Having run the Boutique and the label for the last few years, I felt it necessary to minimise the website work and as a result the label has been housed under the Boutique's website. It feels good to be back on track with the label and having made the decision to focus all my energies on this, it brings a sense of freedom back to my life and opens up the doors to endless creative possibilities. 
My first collection launching on the new charley vella website is the beautiful AW18 collection, Follow Your Bliss. This collection is about making positive steps towards doing the things you love and creating a lifestyle that nourishes and sustains you.
I've focussed on more natural fabrics and higher grade rayons so you'll get an even longer life out of your beautiful purchases. Cotton tops and skirts in the sweetest prints will match back with a variety of pieces in the range and provide a good base to create your personal style this season.

Follow Your Bliss captures a slightly retro feel with super versatile, modern feminine pieces. It is at once practical and effortlessly stylish.


The Boutique has been an amazing experience and has taught me so much. In meeting so many beautiful customers I've had the opportunity to see my designs on all different shapes and sizes and have done some fine tuning with a few of the most popular designs, like the Indulgence Skirt.

This modern classic is the epitomy of feminine style. It's an all seasons skirt and I'm happy to say the design and cut is now even better and selling like hotcakes in the Boutique. It looks fabulous on so many shapes and heights and is truly a wardrobe staple for many women on the Northern Beaches, loved for it's versatility and fit.


We also have a stunning collection of knits this season in the most stunning colours and shapes. Where possible the knits have been blended with cotton and mohair to make them super soft, comfortable and long lasting. I've test driven them and can vouch for fit and warmth. I've included a range of styles for different shapes, sizes and styles. You'll find a more cropped jumper which is great for wearing with skirts and wide leg pants and then of course the classic oversized polo jumpers and cardi's which we all love to wrap ourselves up in when the weather gets cold.

I hope you enjoy this collection and find some pieces you love. Be sure to have a look at the sizing guide so you can get the perfect fit.
May you be happy and well.

With Love
Rachael xx

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